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Digital Badges

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are evidence-based certification of learning that, like paperbased certificates, provide a record of your achievements. However, digital badges offer so much more than just being a visual representation of learning. Part of the richness to open digital badges is the evidence that sits behind each badge, detailing the learning. This 'metadata' displays information that records the badge issuer, the date issued, and the criteria required to earn the badge. Open digital badges enable the badge earner to link to artefacts that contributed to the badge, such as research, inquiry, reflections and videos, thereby adding robustness to the badge.

There are many different levels of badges, including badges that showcase your active learning and growth through attendance at events, undertaking mentoring or completing in-depth professional learning programmes.

Badges are stored in a digital 'back-pack' and individual badges can be displayed across your ePortfolios and online communities. The data or evidence attached to the badge is accessible by clicking on the displayed badge.

How to claim a digital badge

  1. Participate in Changing Spaces 2016
  2. Register or login to your account at
  3. Locate the Changing Spaces 2016 attendee or presenter badge. Confirm you met the attendance requirements and award yourself the badge
  4. Customise your badge by selecting 'Manage Badge' and enter your reflections, tweets and links in the 'Notes' section.