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CORE edVenture

CORE’s customised events in your community, focused on transformative learning

CORE offers one and two day PLD events in your community offering a range of themes that you can select from as a focus for a high quality PD day to suit your needs. 

CORE Education facilitators are future-focused and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of educational possibilities. We have proven success in building the capability of educators' understanding and use of digital technologies.

A Collaborative Event

We'll work together with you and clusters of schools in your area, to establish the themes and topics that you’d get the most value from. Or nominate your own themes. We’ll recruit the right presenters and work with you to develop a programme that matches your expressed areas of focus. In return we’d like you to coordinate with your cluster group and communities, or Principal Associations, to arrange the venue (a school with a hall works well) and the attendance numbers.

We anticipate that clusters that offer to host an event in their region will call a Teacher Only Day to allow whole staff groups to attend.

When can we run an EdVenture event?

Anytime that suits you in 2016 and beyond. Dates to be negotiated on a first-in-first-served basis.

Who will coordinate the event?
CORE will coordinate the programme, getting the right facilitators to present according to your specified focus areas, and get you started with marketing and communications. We’ll set up an online registration process for your group and leave you to arrange support, through your networks, to guarantee attendance.

How much does it cost?
The cost of an individual registration will depend on the type of programme, the speakers and the location and the degree of support you'd like. We can set up a website, take care of communications, arrange catering, bring digital media to capture high quality film, or live stream an event, support social media before during and after the event, and prepare evaluations for you. We will work with you to ensure a network and wifi access, equipment, room set up etc.  Or you can take care of some of the work and save off your bottom line.

What will the break-even point be?
Once we know more about what you’d like the event to focus on, the location and number of presenters required, we can work up a budget to include the break-even point. This budget will enable us to determine the cost of a registration.

If you are interested please submit a request below and we will be in touch. Alternatively contact Becky Hare at or phone 021 930367.

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