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edVenture stories

Marlborough edVenture

The Marlborough edVenture was held on 1 February 2016 at Marlborough Girls’ College and Bohally Intermediate Schools. The event was the largest educational conference to take place in Marlborough, with 555 teachers and support staff in attendance from the primary and secondary sectors.

Marlborough edVentureThe Marlborough Principals’ Association approached CORE Education to organise the event for the Marlborough regional cluster. Their aim was to bring teachers from the sectors together to ensure better pathways for Marlborough kids as primary and secondary sectors worked together in breakouts, and to gain a better understanding of how each sector worked. 

The customised professional learning day had collaboration and future focused innovation as central themes, and also linked into their CoL/CoS challenges. 

A range of focus areas, chosen by the group, was catered for. Identified themes included evaluative leadership, Spirals of Inquiry, cultural responsiveness, Universal Design for Learning, tech tools, literacy with a writing focus, and Gifted and Talented. CORE facilitators were selected to address the areas of interest, with some locals and tech specialists sharing expertise with colleagues also added to the line up.  

Minister Parata opened the day and praised the group for their self starter attitude and dedication to raising the bar.

A key feature of the edVenture format is the ability to customise the event to suit the needs of the group. The Marlborough edVenture was no exception with Cheryl Wadworth, principal of Whitney Street School, praising the ability for the event to be personalised to suit their cluster. 

“Everyone I have spoken to learned something from each of their sessions.” 

Marlborough edVentureFor Julian Adamson, principal of Marlborough Girls’ College, CORE’s edVenture product was a clear choice for such a big event. 

“We knew the good reputation of CORE for delivering quality educational professional learning events. They have led uLearn (CORE Education’s annual educators' conference) to be one of the top events in the country each year.

CORE were so helpful and easy to work with. They went out of their way to meet our needs and had lots of expertise to call on. It was reassuring knowing they had the skills to help us organise a successful event for such a large number.”

Having the edVenture on a ToD meant that all could attend. Teachers started the year reflecting on their teaching practice, and took inspiration and practical strategies back to their classrooms, to make a difference to their teaching and learning outcomes for students.

The Marlborough Principals’ Association is now looking at future focuses for the cluster, with an annual or biannual edVenture being considered. 

To find out more about hosting an edVenture for your cluster/group, contact the CORE Events Team.