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Benefits of ELS

Why invest in this programme?

The ELS is a world-class leadership development experience.

Benefits for the emerging leader:

  1. Be exposed to the challenges and opportunities of leading 21st century educational change.
  2. Amplify your impact through acquiring an in-depth understanding of theories of educational leadership.
  3. Make the transition from being an exceptional teacher, to effectively leading a team or organisation.
  4. Examine the challenges to driving change in educational institutions and learn how to lead others with emotional intelligence and resilience.
  5. Be exposed to global ‘best practice’ examples of innovative learning environments.
  6. Set clear goals for future leadership development and career progression.
  7. Establish a powerful network of like-minded peers.

Benefits for the school and system:

  1. Develop a new pool of educational leaders ready to meet the imminent succession challenges of mass principal retirement.
  2. Retain high-potential talent through developing their capabilities and providing a world-class training opportunity.
  3. Expose your high-performing leaders to ground-breaking thinking on leadership, innovation and change.
  4. Release a new energy for innovating and improving learning in your middle-level leaders.