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Learning outcomes

During the conference, emerging leaders will:

  1. Acquire an in-depth understanding of LEADERSHIP THEORIES and models in order to gain a framework through which to lead and develop.
  2. Develop SELF AWARENESS of their current leadership strengths and begin to build a personal leadership philosophy.
  3. Examine the challenges to DRIVING CHANGE in educational institutions and learn how to lead others with emotional intelligence and resilience.
  4. Be EXPOSED to innovative approaches to improving learning outcomes.
  5. Set clear GOALS for future leadership development and plan to establish mentoring relationships.
  6. Establish a powerful NETWORK of like-minded emerging leaders.

We explore 5 critical questions for emerging leaders:

  1. What must schooling deliver for students to prepare them for their future?
  2. What is the nature of effective and meaningful student learning?
  3. How can you design and create innovative 21st century learning environments?
  4. How can you lead school change that results in ongoing improvements in teachers’ instructional practice?
  5. How can you leverage your strengths, develop your capabilities and build a network in order to make a significant impact?