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What you thought of day three

Submitted by tessa.gray@core... on Fri, 2016-10-07 11:26

Florence LyonsHayley WillisThe best thing from the last three days, was meeting people. I’ve made great connections and I’ve met great people that have inspired me. But not people that I thought in the beginning I was going to meet, it’s all been a big surprise. Like when I did present, there was another person who presented before me, Rose and she was the highlight of the conference for me. Rose talked about literacy and technology for deaf students in the research strand workshop. Meeting her was the highlight. Florence Lyons, Matamata College.

I’ve learned a lot about the 'why' – not about ‘what’ you’re doing, but about the why and now I need to think more about the 'how'. So I’ve have lots of information about the how. There’s so much out there that my brain is just swirling with ideas, I’m really excited and motivated, and I know that I will be changing the things that I do. Hayley Willis, Pt Chevalier School.

Sarah Boddy

I’ve always been interested in learning about what to do, but this time I’m not interested in the what to do I’m been looking for more challenging stuff which makes me think maybe I need to choose breakouts that are more leadership and change oriented. SarahBoddy, Pt Chevalier School.

Nathan Crocker
Juliet PendletonIt’s been a nice combination of new learning and affirmations that what you’re doing is on the right track. Because you can get stuck inside your own four walls and you’re never that sure, so it’s really good to chat to people and be affirmed about what you're doing - as well as the new learning. Juliet Pendleton, Pt Chevalier School.

Just really enjoyed the week catching up on a few friends and colleagues from around the country, because I’ve taught in a few schools now and it’s been really cool catching up with them, 'chewing the fat', talking shop. All of my workshops have been pretty good. One I probably should have read more deeply into because it wasn’t really targeted to me; but I do have something to take back for someone else, which is pretty cool because they’ll really enjoy using it. Nathan Crocker, Pt Chevalier School.

Nicky HardingI liked Michael Fullen’s speech yesterday. I thought that was really interesting because he got into the nuts and bolts about what we need to change. Some of the breakouts have been really good too, because it’s quite good to actually take things you can take away - to practically use as well. Nicky Harding, Tararua College

Morgan NgataOne of my big takeaways for Ulearn16, has been that I feel confident that we can ask the questions about why we do things and those questions need to be asked because it’s been too long that the barriers that we thought existed (like systems) are actually not there. A lot of the times, the barriers are actually of our own thinking or of the school’s way of doing things; and so I feel empowered to be able to ask 'why' much more often now. For example, about our kids and secondary NCEA. The second thing is, the discussions about deep learning have been amazing, very, very, very encouraging. Morgan Ngata, Lytton High School.




What I will take away from uLearn from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

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