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Wired for connectivity

Submitted by tessa.gray@core... on Thu, 2016-10-06 13:56

A lot of networked activity happens behind the scenes at uLearn. More and more delegates are defaulting to blending the uLearn experience between face-to-face presentations and online conversations. In total the uLearn 2016 wireless network has 57 access points and runs across 8 different locations here in Rotorua.

uLearn network

The graphic above show our wireless links between different hotels around Rotorua – these wireless links run from the top of this building sharing out connections between the hotels.

Number of connections

This year at Ulearn 2016 we saw a maximum of 2,200 devices connected concurrently with a total of over 3000 unique devices. So far we have pushed over 1.1 terrabytes of data through the network – this is twice the amount of data compared to our first day last year at uLearn 2015.

Concurrent connections

The graphic below shows our internet connection usage so far – we have a constant stream of 200mb / second running through our network.

Internet connection graph

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