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CoL focused programme options

Are you forming a Community of Learning?

At uLearn16, we have several exciting programme options for those involved in Communities of Learning (CoLs). 

Breakfast with the Stars

Come enjoy a breakfast with Derek Wenmoth and Michael Fullan, and explore evidence from New Zealand and overseas about how networking amongst schools can make a difference for students. Attendees will gain strategies to make their CoL a success.Breakfast

When: Thursday 6 October, 7.00am - 8.00am
Where: Connected Educator Lounge, Energy Events Centre, Rotorua
Who should attend: Principals and lead teachers involved in a CoL

* Please note there are only 100 spaces available for Breakfast with the Stars and registration is limited to two people per school.

Round Table Action Planning

After spending time exploring exciting and challenging ideas for your CoL in various uLearn16 breakouts, a group discussion forum will be led by Derek Wenmoth and CORE Education facilitators. This Round Table session is an opportunity to develop an action plan for implementing your uLearn ideas in your school or CoL.

Discussion topics could include:

  • Round table planningLearning talk - keeping the conversations focused
  • Collaborative inquiry
  • Managing data and evaluation across a community
  • Finding your cluster’s pulse - is there a shared vision?
  • Early Years engagement
  • Whānau, hapu and iwi engagement
  • Future-focused learning
  • Ways to work together digitally, within a community
  • Working towards aligned systems
  • Developing protocols

When: Thursday 6 October, 4.00pm - 5.00pm
Where: Connected Educator Lounge, Energy Events Centre, Rotorua
Who should attend: CoL lead teams.

CoL-focused Breakouts

With 300+ breakouts throughout the three days of the conference, attendees can search and choose from a range of presentations and workshops targeted at those involved in CoLs. You will explore ways to work collaboratively to:

  • develop protocols for ways of working
  • use technology to share and explore evidence
  • deeply inquire into the root cause of achievement challenges
  • manage data
  • design and implement a future-focused curriculum
  • evaluate the impact of your actions

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