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Transforming Leadership

Te panoni i te tangata kia rangatira

As more organisations adopt a ‘networked mindset,’ a new style of leadership is emerging. Networked leaders take a more collaborative and open approach in all aspects of their work, and in their concept of the workplace. Teamwork and collaborative decision-making are replacing traditional forms of organisational hierarchy.

The role of leadership is evolving into a broad based team building approach that encourages higher levels of participation and expression of creative thought. Internal ‘crowdsourcing’ is opening up new pathways to organisational development and, in the process, creating a new business model that gives employees more ownership of their work than ever before. Networked leaders must be more open and more innovative, with a greater emphasis on leadership in, rather than leadership of, the organisation.  

Focus questions:

Transforming leadership

  • How do we lead and activate learning in a complex world where traditional hierarchies are no longer working for us?
  • Coaching and mentoring can be employed to help grow leadership capability. What are some other ways we can support and grow leaders, and take staff on transformational journeys with us?  
  • How is research being used to mentor and support leadership development? How do we know that our leadership approach is working, and what could further enhance it?
  • How do we encourage staff to experiment, be creative, and fail forward, and to be comfortable doing so? What examples can you give of students demonstrating leadership in this way?
  • How do we align our practice with our broader vision?

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