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Transforming Learning and Assessment

Te panoni i te ako me te aromatawai

Meeting the demands of today’s world requires a shift in how learning and assessment occurs in our schools, organisations and learning spaces. This shift involves placing students at the centre of their own learning. Learners need a voice in why, how and what learning experiences take shape. Designing for learner agency gives learners increased opportunity for participation, exploration, creativity and ownership of their learning.

Assessment and learning must be seen as integrally linked, not separate. Our approaches will be more inclusive and personalised, enabling learners to follow pathways through our education system to ensure they are best equipped to participate in, and contribute to society, now and in the future.

Transforming learning and assessmentFocus questions:
  • What is learning for? How does your learning organisation describe a graduate profile? What dispositions are valued? What measures are in place to demonstrate learning for all learners towards that vision?
  • What do learner agency and student-led learning look like and what opportunities are students given to experiment and safely ‘fail forward’?
  • How have you developed your learning ecosystems and designed learning experiences to support deep learning and help students to identify their talents and passions?
  • What assumptions underpin teacher conceptions of assessment goals and student success? How can research into assessment and learning be applied to ‘culturally fit’ students and their families?
  • How do we foster learning pathways for our learners within our learning organisations, and as they transition between schools? How do we demonstrate strengthened evaluative approaches that support this transition?
  • How do you describe, set up and implement performance tasks? How do you ensure that students have baseline understandings to demonstrate what they know? How can you modify a task to stretch all your students?

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