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Invited speakers

Invited guest speakers are:

Joyce Seitzinger

Joyce Seitzinger

About Joyce

Joyce Seitzinger has worked in e-learning since 1999, from the Netherlands, to New Zealand and Australia and across corporate and education contexts. She is a learner experience designer, open badges advocate and founder of Academic Tribe (, a distributed network of learning designers and project managers who work on wide-ranging projects for education and research organisations, such as RMIT University, Adult Learning Australia, Chisholm TAFE and the University of Melbourne. Joyce is the co-editor of the LX Design blog ( You can often find Joyce on Twitter as @catspyjamasnz.

Mike Scaddan

Mike Scaddan

About Mike

As an ex house painter, Mike took up teaching until he found a “real job.” 42 years later he has since realised that being an educator is the best job in the world. Mike is passionate about learning for all people. He is excited about the possibilities the” how to teach approach” can bring to learners. After years of study regarding the brain he now believes the heart is literally what it is all about.

Mike brings a unique combination of experiences to his presentations. As a classroom teacher and then Primary School Principal he successfully promoted a brain compatible philosophy achieving exceptional results with both staff and students.

During this period he became a PD facilitator using those experiences to integrate the theory and practice of the science of learning. As a result workshops are extremely practical based upon successful application.

Mike has now worked in nine different countries as diverse as Kyrgyzstan to the United States. As well as education, he works as a mental skills coach in professional sport and as a mentor /change agent in businesses.



About OMGTech!

OMGTech! is the brainchild of Dr Michelle Dickinson (AKA Nanogirl) , Vaughan Rowsell (one of our most successful tech entrepreneurs), Rab Heath, and Zoe Timbrell.

They understand that kids get technology. Kids love to explore and play and invent and innovate. It is just part of being a kid, being curious and not knowing any boundaries to imagination. They know we live in a world now where technology is everywhere, and it is poised to enable us to make all those crazy dreams of hover boards, spray on shoes, robots and wearable technology all come true, finally!

However, the really really big ideas that will shape the future are in the heads of our kids and the technology that will enable them to make these dreams reality is still inaccessible to most. We at OMGTech! are all about enabling all kids to get access to that future technology today. It is vitally important that there are no barriers for any kid in accessing any future technology.

Robots, nanobots, biotech, wearable tech, rockets, programming, mind control! Okay, perhaps not the mind control.

Through a series of initiatives, starting with the Tech Rangers events, OMG Tech! plans to open up the world of future tech to every Kiwi kid.


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