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Why attend uLearn?

uLearn is CORE Education’s annual professional learning conference, suitable for teachers, facilitators and school leaders alike, from early childhood through to tertiary. 

Across three days of continual PLD (or four days if you also attend the pre-conference), you will get the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded New Zealand and international educators as you develop practical solutions to innovate in your learning space.

Why attend?

uLearn provides an opportunity for teachers and educational leaders to participate in high-quality and appropriate developmental professional learning experiences. The conference is part of a learning continuum and ongoing cycle of development to help build a national professional learning community among the education sector. This is critical for developing and extending the vision and capability of school leaders and teachers.

In addition, uLearn provides multiple options and elements which allows delegates to find their own solutions and outcomes they wish to achieve, both personally, and as a part of their wider school, cluster, or networked group. 

Connected Educator Aotearoa NZ, a global initiative designed to support and promote networked approaches to educational professional learning, also forms part the uLearn conference.

uLearn can provide:

  • A forum to exchange ideas, best practices, and expertise on school, or national education-related issues;
  • A range of perspectives on global and local issues affecting education in New Zealand by offering sessions delivered by prominent speakers (ie keynote presenters);
  • Opportunities to engage in, and directly contribute to, the future of New Zealand education by sharing ideas with others through presenting, connecting with Connected Educator Aotearoa NZ activities, and other discussion opportunities;
  • Access to workshops that showcase new ideas, tools, and useful resources used by NZ teachers in bicultural and multicultural contexts;
  • An environment that encourages thinking, networking and exchanging ideas with fellow educators from around New Zealand and globally;
  • Access to practical knowledge, examples, case studies, and success stories that directly impact on the teaching profession and education sector;
  • A forum that encourages contributions and provides opportunities to reflect, while making sure attendees feel supported by a wider group of educators, who are striving for similar goals;
  • Exposure, via the trade exhibitions, to the latest resources and tools that help to actively engage with, and meet the changing needs, of 21st century learners;
  • A chance for staff from entire schools to participate in professional learning and development together, to build common understandings as a basis for collective understanding and planning;
  • A chance to reflect on progress made over the year.

How can I get the most out of attending uLearn?

There are many ways that conferences like uLearn can contribute to professional learning, both for individuals and for your whole staff. Some ideas you might consider are:

  • Selecting workshops according to your school's needs and/or professional learning goals;
  • Holding pre-conference discussions in your staff room based around key points of interest or readings from keynote presenters and spotlight sessions, then following up these discussions once the conference has finished;
  • Setting up a personal or joint action research project using the conference themes as a starting point for building and developing understanding that are relevant for your school;
  • Taking part in Connected Educator Aotearoa NZ activities.

What tools are available to support my professional learning?

uLearn offers the ability to utilise a range of Web 2.0 tools before, during, and after the conference, including videos of many of the keynote and spotlight sessions. Engaging via these Web 2.0 tools can help delegates gain a more in-depth understanding of the knowledge and content presented during the conference. They can also be used to help delegates and presenters to engage in ongoing dialogue and discussion, as well as the sharing of resources and presentation materials, well beyond the end of the conference.

Twitter and blogs are both ways to stay connected as you prepare for the uLearn experience.

The conference has been a sell-out in previous years with 1,500-2,000 educators in attendance so don’t delay - register now or read more information about this year’s keynotes and conference strands in the menu.

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